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Shivvers Grain Spreaders

Shivvers Grain Hog Spreader

Grain Hog

The Grain Hog is a high capacity grain spreader that distributes the grain as it is added to the bin, to give a more even air flow throughout. Standard on all Shivvers Performance Systems, the Grain Hog has a capacity from 3,200 to 5,000 BPH.




Shivvers Controlled Flow Spreader

Controlled Flow

Shivvers also offers the Controlled Flow Grain Spreader that truly spreads level because of its dual motor drive system. The dual motor drive has variable motor speeds that drive the spreader pan, while another motor drives the diverter valve. This diverter valve rotates slowly as it fills the pan and meters the right amount of grain to evenly fill all sides of the bin.



Shivvers Level DryLevel Dry

For optimum capacity and performance, the Shivvers Level-Dry Grain Spreader is unmatched. The Level Dry is designed to maintain a completely level bed of grain in the drying bin - automatically.