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Shivvers Controlled Flow Spreader

Shivvers also offers the Controlled Flow Grain Spreader that truly spreads level because of its dual motor drive system. The dual motor drive has variable motor speeds that drive the spreader pan, while another motor drives the diverter valve. This diverter valve rotates slowly as it fills the pan and meters the right amount of grain to evenly fill all sides of the bin.

For any low spot that might develop during drying, a switch in the spreader control box allows you to stop the rotating diverter. The Controlled Flow spreader would then fill the low area in just a few minutes. Your drying bin remains level without you ever touching a scoop! Designed to fill large diameter bins up to 6000 BPH.

This spreader will handle most 10 to 13 inch diameter transport auger under really tough conditions. It is designed to spread grain level when other grain spreaders canít get the job done! Itís special geometric spreader pan gently drops the grain kernels in a unique, even spiraling pattern just where they belong.

Controlled Flow Grain Spreader Advantages