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Shivvers Accessories

Control Accessories

EZ Check

Economical computerized moisture and temperature control for your in-bin continuous flow dryer.




Fully automatic computerized control for your in-bin continuous flow dryer.




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Monitor your Shivvers Grain Drying System from nearly anywhere... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Dial Thermometer and Static Pressure Gauge

The long stem thermometer mounts with the probe into the plenum chamber to give an actual temperature reading of the plenum. The static pressure gauge measures back pressure in the plenum area of the drying tank. To maximize drying efficiency and capacity, it is important to know the static pressure.


Command Center Printer

The printer gives you a copy of all activities performed by the Command Center, such as, grain moisture, grain temperature, plenum temperature, machine on times, date and clock, etc.

Advantage: Accuracy is the word today. You don't want to hear about "almost" or "kind of close", you want and need accuracy. The Command Center operates precisely, but you don't have time to set and watch the computer screen to know every move it makes. That's the advantage of the printer. It records all the Command Center activities, so you can evaluate them as you have the time. This will allow you to know how to make adjustments to "fine tune" your dryer.

Sequence Timer

The use of Sequence Timers allows you to customize the on times for multiple transfer augers. (Use on Sequence Timer for each additional transfer auger used after the first one.)

Advantage: The use of Sequence Timers allows you to run individual transfer augers only as long as necessary to empty them. Enhanced life is gained from augers that only run as long as needed and the operation is also quieter. Starting the augers empty also puts less stress on the augers, motors and belts.


Spreading Accessories

Level Dry

Grain Hog Spreader and Control Flow Grain Spreader

Level Dry

Other Accessories

Bin Stiffener

Shivvers offers bin reinforcements for standard duty or older grain bins. Bin stiffeners allow use of an existing bin that might otherwise need to be replaced before use as a wet holding bin or drying tank.





Slide Gate Opener

The slide gate opener provides a helping hand, providing a lever to open the slide gate in the center basket to allow for unloading the bin. It eliminates any strain needed to open the slide gate with the extra weight of grain setting on it. The slide gate opener is available in 6 and 8 diameters.




Intermediate Well

The intermediate well is an additional gravity flow outlet for use on horizontal unloads. Additional outlets for the grain, including the center well, speeds bin unloading on all Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR and DRI-FLO units. Intermediate wells are available in 6 and 8 sizes.




Roof Vent

Roof vents allow the drying air to be exhausted from the drying tank. During the counter-flow drying process, a large volume of heated air is blown into and up through the grain. As the moisture-laden air exits the grain it moves upward in the tank towards the roof. Roof vents permit the saturated air to exit the tank, preventing moisture from condensing on the inside of the roof and dripping back into the top layer of grain.


Clean-out Door

The clean-out door is an opening in the bin's plenum area allowing any fines to be blown out from under the drying floor. Keeping the plenum area clean allows better air flow through the floor for grain drying. Clean-out doors are available in 12 & 15 heights to fit most plenums.



Auxiliary Sweep Auger

Generally , if you were to completely fill your drying bin, gravity could only pull so much grain out of your drying tank if you wanted to unload it from the bottom. With a Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR I or CIRCU-LATOR Jr, the auxiliary sweep auger is a carry-in unit that aids in cleaning out the bin after the grain has reached the angle of repose. It features a drag board that virtually sweeps the bin clean. All you need is a few minutes with a broom. For use with Circulator I and Circulator Jr machines ONLY.


Belt Shield

The Shivvers Performance System Belt shield insures safety and offers access to the belts and jaw clutch for easy routine maintenance.



Vertical Unload

Commonly referred to as a truck unloader.
Advantage: Tremendous advantage when unloading the drying bin into a truck. Eliminates the need for an auxiliary transport auger.
Available in 6" & 8". Also shown and available is a 4' extension, for loading those extra tall trucks.


Auxiliary Belt Idler

This device is specifically designed to give more wrap of the belts around the pulleys.
Advantage: More wrap on the pulleys means a better grip without slippage and easier starting of the Circu-Lator which translates into more efficient operation.