DeMott Enterprises

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DeMott Enterprises offers the full range of Shivvers products:

Performance SystemComplete Grain Drying Solutions

Whether you need to dry a little grain, or a lot of grain, Shivvers offers a range of drying machines to fit your needs, including performance systems with certified capacities.



CompuDry Command CenterDryer Controls

Shivvers offers control systems from basic controls to the fully automatic Comp-U-Dry.




Grain SpreadersGrain Spreaders

Distributes the grain around the bin for more even airflow and faster, more even drying.





Blue Flame DryerFans and Heaters

The Blue Flame provides peak drying efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. Axial or centrifugal fans available.



Channel Lock FloorsChannel Lock Floors and Floor Supports

23% open area for lower static pressure, and center rib for greater floor strength



Transfer AugersTransfer Augers

Move grain from the dryer to storage bins.




Get the most from your In-Bin Continuous Flow Grain Dryer with Shivvers time saving accessories.