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Shivvers Fans and Heaters

Shivvers Blue Flame DryerBLUEFLAME™ Dryers

At 3,650,000 BTU, our BLUEFLAME™ dryer features the largest burner made for a 28” fan. This powerful fan and heater combination is powered by a 13-hp single- or 3-phase electric motor. It provides enough heat to warm freezing air to 200° F. The BLUEFLAME™, implementing a Hi-Low burner control, provides the most evenly heated drying air for the Shivvers counter-flow drying system.



Shivvers BlueFlame II


Also available for Shivvers Performance Systems is a Shivvers 20-hp 3-phase Centrifugal Fan and a BLUE-FLAME II™ burner with 3,200,000 BTU. The Shivvers Centrifugal Fan allows Performance Systems to be used in noise restricted areas.




Blue Flame II MAXX


Big drying jobs demand big, powerful heaters. The Blue Flame II MAXX was built to handle the job of drying large capacities in large bins, and is capable of producing seven million BTU's per hour.