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Shivvers Blue Flame II MAXX Dryer

Blue Flame MAXX IIBlue Flame II MAXX


Big drying jobs demand big, powerful heaters. The Blue Flame II MAXX was built to handle the job of drying large capacities in large bins, and is capable of producing Seven Million BTU's Per Hour.

This burner was designed specifically to be used with the Shivvers 30 HP double inlet centrifugal fan. The Blue Flame II MAXX is available in versions to burn either propane or natural gas.




Air MAXX 30 Centrifugal Fans

Air MAXX 30 HP Centrifugal Fan

The Air MAXX 30 Centrifugal Fan is designed to move air through massive amounts of wet grain in large diameter bins. Shivvers has developed a new line of drying fans that will do exactly that, dry large volumes of grain, quickly.


These fans operate at a reduced noise level and are designed for use on drying bins where higher capacities are required. Fans are available in 30 HP, 230 or 460 volt 3 phase.




0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
CFM @ 70F 30,000 29,300 28,200 27,100 26,000 24,800 23,600 22,100 20,300 17,500

Air MAXX 30 and Blue Flame II MAXX Air MAXX 30, opposite view