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Shivvers Level-Dry

Want More Capacity....

.... Then add a Shivvers Level-Dry to your continuous flow in-bin drying system!

  1. A fixed position grain funnel directs the incoming grain into the hopper. Capable of handling up to a 10" fill auger, the grain pours evenly as it falls from the top funnel through the bottom funnel into the hopper.
  2. The hopper, especially designed to collect the grain as it rotates, catches the grain and feeds the leveling auger.
  3. The leveling auger pulls itself around the bin smoothing the grain. It may be operated in either the "fixed" or "floating" mode.
  4. A brake installed on the end of the leveling auger insures that the grain is distributed evenly to the outside edge.
  5. A right angle, 3 to 1 reduction gearbox along with a 5 HP or a 7 1/2 HP motor powers the leveling auger.
  6. A basic control starts and stops the Level-Dry automatically.
  7. An electric winch raises and lowers the leveling auger either automatically or manually.

Now you are in control and can decide how fast you want to dry because Level-Dry creates a level grain bed at the exact depth you choose, all by a simple flick of a switch. Shallow depths allow the drying air to push through the grain faster and with a proper balance system you achieve capacities that exceed those of portable cross flow dryers.

Plus... you have all the superior value of a continuous flow in-bin drying system - unmatched grain quality, energy efficiency and a surprisingly competitive upfront cost. And as the system is totally automatic, "no babysitting" is required.

Designed to fit both Shivvers Circu-Lator I and II and Dri-Flo installations, Level-Dry is a capacity boosting option that may also be added to other continuous flow in-bin drying systems such as those manufactured by Nebraska Engineering and Sukup Manufacturing.

Take a closer look at Level-Dry from Shivvers! Remember, they are the people who pioneered high-speed, continuous flow in-bin drying.

Level-Dry = Capacity + Quality + Efficiency

Unmatched Capacity

Now you can dry up to 20,000 bushels per day by adding a Level-Dry to your new or existing continuous flow in-bin drying installation. As the operator you will control the drying speed by your choice of drying bin size, depth at which you maintain the grain bed and the temperature of your dryer(s). Level-Dry fits bins 21 to 42 feet in diameter and when operated in the "fixed" depth mode at a low grain depth, (18 to 24 inches), it is possible to exceed the capacity of any farm dryer on the market.

Energy Efficient

Studies at Michigan State and Iowa State Universities have proved that continuous flow in-bin drying systems are the most cost-efficient grain drying alternative to high-temperature continuous flow or batch dryers. After you incorporate Shivvers Level-Dry into your continuous flow in-gin drying system, you will not only be able to maintain a level drying bed, but also limit the grain depth automatically. By limiting the grain depth (usually approximately 18") the static pressure is so low that the air flow through the grain is extremely high. At the same time the depth is kept high enough to insure saturation of the heated drying air as it is exhausted out the top of the bin. Therefore, you get the most out of each gallon of fuel.

To determine the proper depth, the operator checks the exhausting hot air with a humidistat. If the air is close to complete saturation, the operator notes the depth of the grain and switches from the "floating" mode to the "fixed" (or "one level") mode by the simple flick of a switch in the Level-Dry's control box.

No Baby Sitting

The operation and control of Level-Dry fits comfortably into your new or existing computerized, (Shivvers CompuDry is recommended) continuous flow in-bin drying system. This gives you around-the-clock drying, with precise moisture control and a printed record of your entire drying operation.

You Don't Pay More for Surge Holding Capacity

Level-Dry enhances and complements your continuous flow in-bin drying system. When you begin filling the drying bin and are operating your Level-Dry in the "floating" mode, you will utilize the internal surge capacity in the drying bin. This allows you to dry continuously while keeping up with unloading the incoming grain vehicles.

However, the fastest mode in which to operate the Level-Dry, is the "fixed" or "one level" mode. This type of operation requires a surge tank from which to draw the wet grain. You may invest in a hopper bottom bin for the needed surge capacity as you would for a cross flow dryer, or you may convert an existing storage bin to a surge/storage bin, satisfying both needs. To utilize the storage bin as a surge bin, dried grain is unloaded from this bin to the point whereby the grain is no longer flowing freely into the unloader. A funnel has been formed of dried grain. As newly harvested wet grain is added to the surge/storage bin, it fills the center of the bin and is pulled from the surge/storage bin into the drying bin as needed.

When harvest is nearly completed the Level-Dry is changed back to the "floating" mode. Using the drying bin as surge, the surge/storage bin is filled with dried grain. The last of the harvest is recirculated within the drying bin and then stored there. Every bin is completely utilized and initial costs are held down.

No More Scooping

Two of the tradition nuisances, off-side spreading and coning, are also eliminated; never any need to scoop to level. The leveling auger is designed with a rake and a forward motion brake at the outer end that keeps it from advancing too fast. This automatically insures that the bin is level from the center to the edge.

Quality Grain Continuously

When you choose continuous flow in-bin drying over other methods of drying, you were counting on the quality of your dried grain being the very best. By adding Level-Dry to your new or existing system the features of continuous flow in-bin drying remain un-hampered. Your tapered sweep(s) will continue to remove and even layer of dried grain and transfer to storage. Level-Dry gently handles the incoming grain and distributes it carefully on top of the grain bed.

Your grain dries evenly, with few if any stress cracks or cracked kernels as is often seen in grain from cross flow dryers.

Without question, by adding a Level-Dry to a new or existing continuous flow in-bin drying installation you have a drying system that gives the highest capacity possible for the dollar invested without sacrificing grain quality or the efficiency of your dryer. Get capacities ranging from 11,000 bushels per day in a 21 foot diameter bin to as much as 20,000 bushels per day in a 30 foot diameter bin. Compare Shivvers Level-Dry system today, dollar for dollar, bushel for bushel to all other drying systems, including the portable continuous flow dryers.