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Shivvers Performance System

How it works:

The Basics

With grain in the bin, air is heated and blown into the plenum (the area under the perforated drying floor) where it flows up through the grain, drying the layer of grain on the floor, and warming the grain above.

The tapered sweep augers bring a grain sample from the floor up to the moisture sensor where it determines the moisture content. If the grain has reached the desired setting, the Command Center turns on the Continuous Flow Auger to take the grain to the storage bin.

If the grain has not reached the desired moisture, the Continuous Flow Augers are left off and the center vertical auger spreads the grain sample back on top in the drying bin. This process assures that no wet grain transfers into storage.

CompuDry Command Center

The brains of the Performance System is the CompuDry Command Center. The Command Center provides automatic control without babysitting. Simply set your desired grain moisture and drying temperature and the Command Center will do the rest. Around the clock control and performance that gives you the confidence that you have the best quality in every kernel, of every bushel, of every load of grain you sell.

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Circu-Lator II

The Shivvers Circu-Lator II is the heart of the Shivvers Performance System. The Circu-Lator is scientifically engineered to remove and even layer of dry grain from the floor of the drying bin and transfers it through the Continuous Flow Auger System. The design of the Circu-Lator gives you built-in wet holding for 24 hours a day.

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Drying Floor/Steel Supports

With 23% open area, Shivvers perforated Channel-Lock Drying Floor and Steel Floor Supports allow maximum air flow from the plenum chamber up into the grain. Shivvers floors with their generous open area aid in defeating the static pressure problems incurred with higher grain depths and multiple fan situations.

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Blue Flame Dryer

The Shivvers Blue Flame Dryer, with it's 3,650,000 BTU, is the largest burner made for a 28 inch fan. This powerful fan and heater combination provides enough heat to worm freezing air to 200 F. The Blue Flame provides the most evenly heated drying air for a Continuous Flow Dryer. Coupled with the air flow enhancing Turbo Booster, the combination can overcome conditions of over 10 inches of static pressure for speedy drying.

Standard on each Performance System is a Clean Out Door. One is included for each burner and allows fines t be blown out of the plenum chamber so maximum air flow is maintained.

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Transfer Auger

Shivvers heavy duty, long-lasting Continuous Flow Augers are always in place, out of the way of other equipment, and ready to go to work at the flip of a switch. Transfer the grain to any storage bin in the system conveniently and economically.

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Grain Spreader

The High Capacity Shivvers Grain Hog Spreader distributes the incoming grain evenly within the drying bin for even drying.

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