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Shivvers Dri-Flo 500

Dri-Flo 500The DRI-FLO 500 Legacy Series Counter-Flow Grain Dryer offers a removal rate of up to 500 bushels per hour that transfers the grain from the bottom of the bin. The heavy duty bonnet with removable panels allows easy access to grease the center gearbox.

Two tapered sweep augers bring grain through “metering ring” liners located under the bonnet. Fingers on these liners restrict grain flow so an even layer of grain is drawn off the floor without “coning out” in the center of the bin. The grain is then dropped into the basket where it is picked up by the horizontal unload auger and carried to an available Jumpster auger, air system, or elevator leg.

Horizontal Unload Auger

Horizontal AugerChoose between a 6” or 8” unload auger to move your dried grain from the unload basket located in the center of the bin to existing transfer equipment. Or, if you need greater grain handling flexibility, choose our optional Jumpster transfer auger (for 8" auger only) to load your grain to a truck or wagon for transport to market, or storage bin.