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Shivvers Circu-Lator I

Circu-Lator IWith the Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR I grain drying machine, you can take advantage of the same continuous counter-flow drying technology available with our Performance Systems, but on a smaller scale. The CIRCU-LATOR I provides grain drying capacity of up to 700 bushels per day.



No Watching. No Waiting. No Waste.

By adding additional Shivvers components you can dry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The entire drying system is automatically controlled by our revolutionary COMPUDRY™ Command Center or our economical EZ Check and control component. Surge capacity of the CIRCU-LATOR I equals the size of the drying tank. Just as a Shivvers Performance System, the drying zone of the CIRCU-LATOR I is at the bottom of the drying bin, just above the drying floor. Heated air blown into the plenum and up through the bin floor is forced through the wet grain with exhausted air at the top of the bin saturated. As the grain dries uniformly, it is removed at floor level by a single tapered sweep auger.

Continuous-Flow or Recirculation – The Choice is Yours

During recirculation, the sweep auger removes the dried grain in thin, even layers to the center of the bin where it travels up the center vertical auger for redeposit atop the grain layers. If used as a continuous-flow system, the tapered sweep auger moves the grain to the bin's center and up the center vertical auger to an optional transfer auger for delivery to a storage bin.

So, the CIRCU-LATOR I can be used as a stand alone recirculating batch dryer or a continuous-flow dryer (when integrated with a series of storage bins connected by continuous-flow auger) with capacities of up to 7200 bushels a day.