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Shore Moisture Meters

It's important to get accurate moisture readings of your grain to know how much it needs to be dried. Over-drying costs you more money in fuel for your dryer, and in lost test weight when you sell your grain. Under-drying can lead to bug and mold damage. Accurate moisture readings are important to have when operating your dryer. Even if you have a fully automated dryer, like the Shivvers Comp-U-Dry, you need an accurate moisture reading to calibrate the system.

Shore 920 Portable Moisture Meter

Shore 920 PackageFeatures:
The Shore Model 920 provides quick accurate moisture results for a large variety of commodities. Results are displayed directly without the need for moisture or temperature conversion tables.

The 920 uses a pre-weighed sample and a reliable sample loading mechanism to insure accurate, repeatable results. The 920's proven measurement principles and cell design make it one of the most consistently accurate moisture meters available. This includes commercial moisture meters costing thousands of dollars more. This means that the 920 will more closely match the results of the moisture meters used by grain elevators than other portable meters.

The 920 features rugged all metal construction: no flimsy plastic cases or other parts that are easily broken. The 920 is available as a complete portable testing package with a portable electronic scale and all accessories in a sturdy metal carrying case.


Shore 920Specifications:

Shore 930 Portable Moisture Meter

Shore 930 KitNew! Shore 930 Portable Moisture MeterNEW! Contains all the luxuries of the 920 plus more!