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Generators For Country Clipper Lawn Mowers

Made in the U.S.A. by DeMott Enterprises


We are pleased to announce that we now offer a generator accessory for Country Clipper zero turn lawn mowers!

DeMott Enterprises now manufactures a generator accessory designed to attach to the rear of Country Clipper lawn mowers. 

Available in 7, 8.5, or 11 kilowatts (continuous running watts), enough to power your your whole house*.

Advantages over a conventional generator:



MADE IN THE U.S.A by DeMott Enterprises

Power your whole house!*

Easily attach and remove the generator from your mower.

Our bracket and mounting system lets you mount and remove the generator in only one minute or less by moving only one pin and the belt. Since Country Clipper lawn mowers are already designed to make removing the belt very easy, attaching the generator is a snap!

Simplicity of design

Our generator uses the existing mower deck pulley to power the generator. There aren't any added pulleys or other extensive modifications to the mowers drive train. There's virtually nothing to go wrong.

Self-tensioning Belt

Like all other belts on Country Clipper mowers, the generator belt is self-tensioning. You never have to adjust the belt tension.

Rain Cap

The generator has a 20 gauge galvanized hinged rain cap that covers the generator for safe operation even in inclement weather.

Belt Guard

The heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized belt guard covers the moving parts for safety, and is heavy enough to the stand the generator on when not in use.


Only takes 12" x 14" x 24" tall space to store.


  7 KW 8.5 KW 11 KW
Max KW 7.5 9 12
Prime KW 7 8.5 11
PRIME AMPS @ 120 V 58 70 92
PRIME AMPS @ 240 V 29 35 46
Price: $2,350.00 $2,550.00 $2,750.00

Additional Generator Pictures

*For use to power a house, installation of a transfer switch by a certified electrician is recommended. Improperly connecting a generator of any kind to a home circuit panel can result in damage to the panel, wiring, or any connected appliances if mains power comes back on while the generator is running.

Due to continued product improvement, all specifications subject to change without notice.

Patent Pending