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Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower

About Country Clipper

1986 Prototype Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower
1986 Prototype

This is the original Country Clipper mower, and was available in just two models, a residential, and a commercial model. Engine options were 11 to 18 HP Briggs and Stratton, with cutting widths of 42" or 48". The design was sold to Snapper, and Shivvers retained manufacturing rights. Shivvers manufactured mowers for Snapper from 1988 to 1995.
We had a demo unit of one of these machines at DeMott Enterprises for a month or so back in 1986.

2504MT circa 1999 - 2004

The 2504 MT was one of the first Country Clipper branded models. Also available in this period were the 2304KA, and the 2304M. These were available from 23 to 25 HP, and all mowed at 10 MPH.



The Zeton was introduced shortly after the 23 and 25 series as the top-end commercial mower. Later on, the Zeton-Boss with a 72" deck was introduced.



The Country Clipper Division of Shivvers Manufacturing is a pioneer in the zero turn mower industry. Country Clipper first began production of high quality, innovative zero turn mowers in 1986. Over the past 23 years, Shivvers Manufacturing has produced tens of thousands of quality zero turn mowers for both the commercial mower industry, and the residential and estate homeowner.

In 1988, Shivvers began production of mid-mount zero turn mowers for Snapper™, and in 1995 expanded to include supplying additional major OEM's. In January of 1996, Shivvers created the Country Clipper Division and began production of the Country Clipper brand of zero turn mowers. In March of 1996, Country Clipper out-front mowers came rolling off the assembly line of the Country Clipper Division of Shivvers Manufacturing in Corydon, Iowa. Production of the mid-mount Country Clipper and a full line of accessories soon followed. This was just the beginning of a new signature mower line and a new division of an older, established manufacturing company, Shivvers Manufacturing.

Manufacturing is not new to Shivvers. Shivvers began production of agricultural grain drying systems in 1969, and since that time facilities have grown to 120,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, office and warehouse space located on 20 acres of land. With our high production machinery, including a Mazak X48 Laser cutter, CNC sheet metal machining, robotic welders, computer controlled AMADA punch presses and OKUMA high-speed turret lathes, multi-axis machining center and automatic powder paint coating equipment with infrared furnaces, Shivvers Manufacturing is a true state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Today, marketing of Country Clipper zero turn mowers is exclusively through two-step distribution, and distributorships are currently in place over a wide area of the United States. Our distributors, in turn, offer a high level of service and support to a network of over 600 dealers across the country. Consequently, Country Clipper continues to experience strong growth in the zero-turn mower market, and more than likely there is a qualified dealer near you to meet the ever-increasing demands for our products and services. More and more, commercial users and homeowners alike are discovering that Country Clipper mowers truly are some of the world's most desirable zero-turn mowers.

Throughout its long history, Country Clipper has consistently been first with innovations that are still used by us and other zero-turn mower manufacturers today. Some of Country Clipper “firsts” include:

  • Our patented stand-up deck.
  • Joystick steering control.
  • Single 11-gallon fuel tank.
  • Shaft-driven grass collection blower motor.
  • Articulating front axle and deck.

Shivvers Manufacturing, Shivvers Inc., and Shivvers Holding Company are privately owned companies with annual retail sales of over 40 million dollars in agricultural and outdoor power equipment. As we continue to grow and expand, Country Clipper is committed to offering high quality, innovative products that are unsurpassed in the industry. Our unprecedented growth and success are a testimony to that commitment.

Country Clipper – First With Innovations That Last.



(Historical information on older models is provided by DeMott Enterprises, and is researched to be accurate to the best of our ability, but may contain omissions, or may not be entirely inclusive with date ranges. Please note that we do not have any of these older models in stock, unless noted on our Current Inventory page.)

JaZee circa 2004 JaZee Two, circa 2005
JaZee, circa 2004        -         JaZee Two, circa 2005

Around 2004 Country Clipper stopped using the more ambiguous numbers for models, and started naming the mowers: JaZee One, JaZee, JaZee Two, and the Charger.

JaZee Pro circa 2006

The JaZee pro was introduced in 2006, and replaced the JaZee Two in 2007. The Pro is basically the same as a JaZee Two, with the addition of a pivoting front axle. Also in 2005 - 2006, the Zeton name was dropped, and the top-end commercial model was now known simply as "The BOSS".



JaZee One                                                         Wrangler

Wrangler - 2011

In 2011, the JaZee One was discontinued and replaced by the Wrangler. The introduction of the Wrangler brought the same frame and flip-up deck design from the larger mowers to the smallest model (The JaZee one had a different frame design, and the deck flipped up in a completely different way that the larger models). The Wrangler is the first Country Clipper model to have two blades instead of three in the deck. During testing, it was found that a two-blade deck performed much better in the smaller deck sizes, and didn't plug as easily in tall, thick, wet grass.


2013 - Big Changes

In 2013, many changes were made to the Country Clipper lineup.

The JaZee series was retired, and replaced with new model names. The Edge is a replacement for the JaZee, the Edge XLT, is roughly equivalent to the old JaZee Pro, and Challenger fills the roll of the JaZee Pro DLX. The BOSS name was also retired, and replaced with the Defender.

Edge Edge XLT Challenger Defender
Edge Edge XLT Challenger Defender

 Several stylistic changes were also made, the most noticeable of which are the curved edges and aluminum joystick handles.

2015 - The BOSS is back.

New Country Clipper logo


2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Country Clipper mowers. A new logo was revealed, and the Defender was re-named back to the BOSS XL (The change was due to the threat of a lawsuit from Jaguar, who doesn't even make lawnmowers. The decision was made to spend the money that would be required to win the suit instead on improving the product. So, the BOSS name, that Country Clipper already owned the trademark on, was brought back from retirement.)

Old Logo:

New Logo:


2016 - New Residential Models

In 2016, the Wrangler and Edge were discontinued, and replaced with the Avenue and Boulevard. The new designs reduce cost, while maintaining the quality that Country Clipper is known for.

Wrangler Edge Avenue Boulevard