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Concord Snow Blower

for the JaZee Pro and Charger

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Introducing the Concord Snow Blower

Do More With Your Mower... Even in Winter!


Why walk around your driveway all day blowing snow when you can ride?

The Concord Snow Blower is a two-stage snow blower that can attach to either the JaZee Pro or Charger models. The blower is available in either a forty-eight inch or sixty inch version.

The blower comes with the blower unit and a complete mounting kit to attach it to either your JaZee Pro or Charger Country Clipper zero-turn mower.

The Concord blower is tough enough to clean up after any winter mess... even three and four foot drifts! And you can do all that work from the comfort, ease, and maneuverability of a zero-turn mower!

With Country Clipper's maintenance-minded design, removing the deck to attach the blower is as easy as pulling four pins -- no tools needed to remove the deck!

See for yourself how the Concord blower cuts through deep drifts in the video below...


Keep reading for a list of features, and more pictures!


Note: The use of tire chains (sold separately) is highly recommended.

Price: $2,995 (+ tax and installation)

(Price is a cash price. Financing available)

electric swival Joystick Control electric lift and shaft-driven gearbox

(Click on the below pictures to enlarge, opens in a new window.)

Concord snow blower throwing snow blowing snow

See the snow-blower in action!