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Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower

100+ Reasons why you should buy a Country Clipper mower from DeMott Enterprises!

Charger with the deck flipped up
See How The Others Stack Flip Up Against Country Clipper:

Use this chart to compare any other mower to a Country Clipper mower, and you'll see that there's no comparison!

Download this chart to print and take with you to compare against other brands.

Brand X Country Clipper   Feature  
  X 2 ONE HAND JOYSTICK steering standard ON ALL MODELS
  X 3 Welded Deck construction (No Stamped Decks) ON ALL MODELS
  X 4 Cast iron heavy duty spindles (stronger than aluminum) ON ALL MODELS
  X 5 Large, heavy gauge deck spindle reinforcement plate ON ALL MODELS
  X 6 Heavy triangular 7 gauge bullnose reinforcement
(much stronger than bars, pipes, or straps)
  X 7 Heavy 1 1/8" Spindle Shafts (many brands use 1" or smaller) ON ALL MODELS
  X 8 Flat Top Decks (no recesses to trap trash) ON ALL MODELS
  X 9 Three Spindle Decks (gives uniform tip speed for uniform cut) ON ALL MODELS
  X 10 Heavy Gauge Trim Reinforcement (Left side of deck won't bend in) ON ALL MODELS
  X 11 Dual Anti-scalp Wheel Brackets (No bent anti-scalp wheels) ON ALL MODELS
  X 12 Front AND Rear Anti-scalp Wheels ON ALL MODELS
  X 13 Wider Anti-scalp Wheels (5" wide - not 3" stud mounted) ON ALL MODELS
  X 14 Automatic Spring Loaded Belt Tension
(provides proper belt tension all the time - no adjustment necessary)
  X 15 Machined Cast Iron Spindle Pulleys
(Gives longer wear - better belt life than stamped steel pulleys)
  X 16 4 Point Full Floating Deck ON ALL MODELS
  X 17 Full Front and Rear Baffles (Gives cleaner cut & better spread) ON ALL MODELS
  X 18 Greasable Spindles ON ALL MODELS
  X 19 Pressure vented greasable Spindles (Protects against blown seals) ON ALL MODELS
  X 20 Heavy Steel Belt Guards (won't bend or break if stepped on) ON ALL MODELS
  X 21 HI-Gloss Powder Coat Finish (stays bright & shiny for years) ON ALL MODELS
  X 22 Right Hand Control Center (ALL controls at your fingertips) ON ALL MODELS
  X 23 Electric Deck Clutch ON ALL MODELS
  X 24 Auxiliary Parking Brake ON ALL MODELS
  X 25 Deluxe Kevlar Belts (Hydro drive & Deck Drive) (Long Belt Life) ON ALL MODELS
  X 26 Spring Loaded Hydro Drive Belt (Automatic Tension - no adjusting) ON ALL MODELS
  X 27 Hydro Cooling Fans (Cooler Hydrostats - Long Life) ON ALL MODELS
  X 28 Pneumatic Front & Rear Tires ON ALL MODELS
  X 29 Wide Drive Tires (for softer ride and better handling on hills) ON ALL MODELS
  X 30 Greasable Front Castors ON ALL MODELS
  X 31 High Density Plastic Fuel Tanks (no rust) ON ALL MODELS
  X 32 Laminated Steel Deck (stronger than one piece) ON ALL MODELS
  X 33 Oversized Rear tires (less soil compaction & softer ride) ON ALL MODELS
  X 34 Single fuel Tank (only one tank to fill - no valve to switch) ON ALL MODELS
  X 35 Inboard Fuel Tank ( not subject to punctures like exterior tanks) ON ALL MODELS
  X 36 Ball End Tie Rods (on all control link ends) no pins and clevises that can get sloppy ON ALL MODELS
  X 37 Soft Foam Arm Rests (many brands have hard armrests or none) ON ALL MODELS
  X 38 Commercial - Industrial Engines - No cheap throwaway engines ON ALL MODELS
  X 39 Vertical Shaft Power Plants - Simplest Design
(No Jack shafts or angle drive adaptors to wear out)
  X 40 Foot Assist Deck Lift - Standard (on all models except the Jazee One) ON Most MODELS
  X 41 Large Fuel Fill Cap (easy no-spill filling) ON ALL MODELS
  X 42 Spring Loaded Seat (sized to operator size - not stiff & rigid) ON ALL MODELS
  X 43 Fore & Aft Seat Adjustment (easy adjustment to fit operator) ON ALL MODELS
  X 44 Soft Ergonomic Seat (not hard dense foam - softer ride) ON ALL MODELS
  X 45 Heavy Gauge Welded Steel Frame - not light stamped uni-body ON ALL MODELS
  X 46 Under Seat Fuel Tank - Lower Center Of Gravity (Better Stability) ON ALL MODELS
  X 47 Fuel Level Sight Gauge - Easy At-A-Glance Fuel Detection ON ALL MODELS
  X 48 Belt Drive Decks - Simple Design
        No Expensive Gear Boxes
        No Expensive Drive Shafts
        No U-Joints
  X 49 Easy Height Adjustment - Pin/hole Adjustment
(Allows Deck to be Lifted Without changing Pin Adjuster)
  X 50 Anti-Tip over - Integral Part of Frame (limits how far mower can tip up) ON ALL MODELS
  X 51 Flip up Foot Platform - Deck Access (easy belt access) ON ALL MODELS
  X 52 Top Side Spindle Grease Zerks (Easy to Get to) ON ALL MODELS
  X 53 Heavy Gauge Deck Baffles (won't rust out & bend like thin ones) ON ALL MODELS
  X 54 Simple, Bolt on - Plug In Light Kit Option ON ALL MODELS
  X 55 Standard Trailer Hitch (you can pull rollers, sprayers, trailers, carts, etc.) ON ALL MODELS
  X 56 19,000 Feet Per Minute Blade Tip Speed
(commercial standard to achieve best clean cut)
  X 57 High Back Seat (not cheap pan type unit) ON ALL MODELS
  X 58 Round End Decks
(many brands have decks with angled or boxed corners which catch & build up trash)
  X 59 Direct Deck Drive
(some brands have a belt which comes to a jack shaft & another belt going to the cutting spindles)
  X 60 Hand Lever Deck Belt Tension Release
(no tools needed to remove belts)
  X 61 Large, Quiet Mufflers ON ALL MODELS
  X 62 Heavy Cast Iron Lifting Pivots
(not thin plates that wear oblong holes quickly)
  X 63 Spring Assisted Deck Lift
(requires less effort to adjust deck height)
  X 64 Heavy Duty Steel and Rubber Deflector Shield ON ALL MODELS
  X 65 Powder Coat Urethane Finish Body Panels
(more durable high-gloss stays shiny & resists chips - no cheap plastic)
  X 66 Family Owned Company
(NOT a branch of a division of a wholly owned subsidiary of a holding company which owns 6 different brands)
  X 68 All SAE Fasteners  
  X 69 Over Twenty Years Experience Building Zero Turn Mowers - Since 1985
(15 years building other brands)
  X 70 Company Started By A Farmer In The 1960's
(40 plus years experience with metal forming equipment)
  X 71 Articulating Front Axle on all Commercial Models
(Deck Floats with the axle - less scalping and gouging)
  X 72 Solid Steel Deck Lift & Pivot Bars - no chains ON ALL MODELS
  X 73 Quick Links on Deck Attachment Points
(tool-less deck removal in seconds/minutes)
  X 74 Bolt & Lock Nuts provide precise deck adjustment at all four deck attachment points
(many brands have chain links that quickly wear)
  X 75 Precision Round Holes at Deck Adjustment Points
(no slotted holes that can let deck slip out of adjustment)
  X 76 Extra Wide Discharge Chute
(less clumping provides an even discharge in tough conditions)
  X 77 Deep 5" Deck Design Provides Better Cut & Flow ON ALL MODELS
  X 78 K.I.S.S. Design Throughout (keep it simple) ON ALL MODELS
  X 79 Low Maintenance - NO Maintenance ON ALL MODELS
  X 80 Pressurized Engine Lubrication - for long life ON ALL MODELS
  X 81 Spin On Oil Filters (easy changing - long life) ON ALL MODELS
  X 82 Easy Drain Oil Drain
(oil drains into pan on ground - not all over & around the frame)
  X 83 Hour Meter - Know, Don't Guess When to Change Oil ON Most MODELS
  X 84 Engine Choices - Briggs, Kawasaki or Kohler ON Most MODELS
  X 85 Removable Deflector Shield - mower stores in a tighter space ON Most MODELS
  X 86 Deflector shield can be removed and put back on with no tools. ON Most MODELS
  X 87 Dual Element Industrial Air Filters ON Many MODELS
  X 88 No Cables (cables rust up, bind up & have clevis ends that get sloppy) ON ALL MODELS
  X 89 Electric Start ON ALL MODELS
  X 90 No Gear Boxes (Very expensive and difficult to repair) ON ALL MODELS
  X 91 No Drive Shafts - Also expensive ON ALL MODELS
  X 92 No U-Joints (Also Expensive & Difficult to Repair) ON ALL MODELS
  X 93 No Complicated Springs, Shocks, or Suspension Parts - which need to be set for operator size, break, wear out (suspension systems are needed on vehicles to maintain surface contact and control at high speeds - the faster you go the stiffer the suspension must be - look at race cars! ON ALL MODELS
  X 94 Deluxe Full Suspension Seat Available ON ALL MODELS
  X 95 Commercial and Residential Models available
(Commercial models are built to take the toughest abuse, Residential models are built to last a lifetime)
  X 96 Five Different Models - To Fit Any Size Lawn  
  X 97 Deck Width Choices ON ALL MODELS
  X 98 Engine Size Choices ON ALL MODELS
  X 99 Warranties Are The Best In The Business
(Commercial - Limited 2 year Parts & Labor + 3rd & 4th year on Frame, Deck & Spindles)
(Residential - Limited 2 year Parts & Labor + 3rd year on Frame, Deck & Spindles)
  X 100 You Get an Extremely Good Value For Your Money
Cheaper Machines Are Just That - CHEAP!
  X 101 Sold By DeMott Enterprises - It's the ONLY BRAND we sell.
It's the ONE we believe in!      IT IS THE BEST!
  X 102 Service & warranty work performed by DeMott Enterprises.  
  X 103 During the Warranty Period DeMott Enterprises will come to your Location at no Charge for any Required Warranty Work on any Country Clipper We Sell. - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 104 DeMott Enterprises Has Sold and Serviced This Companies' Equipment since 1982
(We have been to the factory several times, we know the owners and many key people in the company personally.)
  X 105 DeMott Enterprises keeps All Five Models IN STOCK year 'round not just in the Spring  
  X 106 Our Phone (989-838-2694) Rings at our Shop AND at My Home and You Are Welcome to Call Anytime Except Sundays  
  X 107 You Will be Given My Cell Phone Number Which is Active 24/7 - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 108 You Get What You Pay for - The purchase of a Country Clipper Mower
(or any type of equipment) Is composed of Three elements, They are:
  1. PRICE - What you end up paying
  2. QUALITY - How durable and well built it is
  3. SERVICE - Factory Warranty & Backup, plus Dealer's product knowledge, warranty service, pickup, delivery, loaner availability, parts availability, etc. and the costs related to these services. Does the dealer carry product or sell from a catalog? Are these services included or extra? Increasing or decreasing one of these will have a direct effect on one or both of the other two - either increasing or decreasing them. For example, with higher price comes higher quality and/or better service and vice versa. YOU DO INDEED GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
  X 109 Accessories are available for most models such as: mulching kits, headlight kits, push blades, snow blowers, roll bars, and vacuum wand  
  X 110 Financing Available for most models with approved credit
(A Document Fee applies and varies by model)
  X 111 If you mix a whole bunch of colors together, you get a murky brownish - black. We offer only one brand - BRIGHT RED COUNTRY CLIPPER. DeMott Enterprises spends ALL of its time, money, and effort on the best - COUNTRY CLIPPER  
  X 112 During the Warranty Period if your Country Clipper is Down for More than 48 Hours after DeMott Enterprises Inspects it, We Will Bring You a Country Clipper to use at no Charge while your Country Clipper is being repaired (usually a 60" charger) If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 113 Freight is INCLUDED - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 114 Delivery is INCLUDED - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 115 Set-Up is INCLUDED - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 116 Fuel tank is FILLED - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 117 A Parts Manual is INCLUDED - If you purchase our Optional Service Package  
  X 118 Whole house generator option - Fits all models except JaZee One  
  X 119 Quick Jak deck lift - available only from DeMott Enterprises  
  X 120 Ultra Deluxe Air Ride seat option (puts suspension in the seat where it is most effective and needed)  
  X 121 Parts are available for pickup or shipment from DeMott Enterprises