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Semi-Monthly Newsletter - Febuary 2013

February 2013

Country Clipper 2013 Model year preview

2013 Country Clipper mowers showing curved fendersLots of changes are in store in 2013 for Country Clipper. There are many cosmetic changes, lots of improvements, and new models!

Cosmetic changes

New joystick handle


A top of the line mower should look like it. It's a little thing, but the fenders on the new mowers have been redesigned to be a little wider, and now feature graceful curves. If you look at the top of the picture, you can also see that the armrests have been redesigned to be more elegant as well. This change also makes the armrests stronger.



The joystick handle has also been updated for 2013. It is now constructed out of case aluminum, which looks great and is also much more durable.


Discharge Chute

Front Step

Another change for 2013 is a different discharge chute. The new chute looks more streamlined, and has the Country Clipper Logo embedded into it. The new chute also lets us remove some parts from the bracket used to attach the chute from the deck, resulting in a more simplified design with fewer, stronger parts. The chute is strong enough to withstand a direct impact at full speed, and still remain flexible in cold as well as hot conditions.


The front step has also been widened, making it easier to get on your mower.



Country Clipper Rear Bumper


The rear bumper has been completely re-designed for the 2013 model year. The new bumper completely wraps around the muffler and is constructed out of a heavier gage of steel.

Gas CapThe parking brake lever has been moved from the right side of the mower over to the left side. This is more consistent with the placement of the deck lift controls, and makes it easier to access the gas fill tube.


2013 Joystick mechanismSpeaking of which, the EPA mandated a new material for the gas tank for this year, so we took the opportunity to bring back the large gas cap! This change, combined with moving the parking brake to the left side of the mower makes it easy to refuel your Country Clipper mower. We made sure to keep the easy sight gauge, so checking the amount of fuel in your mower is still the fastest and most reliable in the industry.


The last major improvement to the 2013 line is an all-new joystick mechanism.

Country Clipper and Snapper developed and patented the joystick control system for zero-turn mowers over fifteen years ago. The first joystick system used a series of cables to control the hydrostats. After becoming their own brand, Country Clipper further refined the joystick system by replacing the cables with solid mechanical linkage. This year, Country Clipper further improves the best control system there is by replacing the plastic pivot yoke in the system with an all-new metal design. The new design offers a more solid "neutral' position with a shorter throw, increased responsiveness, and virtually no slop caused by wear over time. In addition, the new design also makes it easier to perform maintenance.

New Models

2013 marks the introduction of four new models into the Country Clipper family, and the retirement of some old favorites. The JaZee, JaZee Pro, JaZee Pro DLX, and the BOSS will be going away. They are being replaced by the: Edge, Edge XLT, Challenger, and the Commander, which will provide similar characteristics along with the improvements listed above. The Wrangler and Charger models will continue to be produced, and you can still get any part for your older mowers.

Edge XLT

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