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Semi-Monthly Newsletter - January 2011

January 2011

The DeMott Enterprises monthly newsletter is now re-named the "Semi-Monthly" newsletter. This better reflects the, um, irregular, distribution of the newsletter. Sometimes we're just too busy to put one out (We'd like to think our customers are happier that we're prioritizing taking care of them over other things...), and sometimes there just isn't much news to report. Since we sell farm related products, the winter months are fairly slow...


We now have the snow-blower in-stock! We've even had a chance to use it, after the blizzard we got here in late January. The blower is available in 48" or 60" widths, and will fit on either the JaZee Pro or Charger models. A new video has been posted in our You Tube channel showing the snow-blower at work.

We're expecting the 2011 models that we ordered to be delivered some time this month. Once that happens, we'll update the pictures and specifications on the website.

Tillage Tools

Now's a great time to buy all the tillage tools you need for spring, and get them at the winter discount rate!

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