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Semi-Monthly Newsletter - December 2011

December 2011

Country Clipper 2012 Model year preview

The big news at this years dealer meeting was the preview of the 2012 Country Clipper models. There aren't that many big changes, but there are lots of improvements, and the addition of a new sub-model.

New Features:

New to all models in 2012 is a prop-stick to ensure that the deck stays up.

Veiw of the prop-stick used to ensure that the deck stays up. Close-up of the prop-stick.

The prop-stick is attached to the rear deck bracket on the mower, and folds up and rests in the casting on the deck frame.

The decks on Country Clipper mowers swing past 90 degrees when in the fully upright position, so they can't fall down, but this feature has been added for extra peace of mind for Country Clipper owners.

The other improvement for this year, is that the new spindle design from the 2011 BOSS model is now used across the line. This spindle is even more heavily built than our previous spindle.

Mower Deck Spindle

The new spindle is also easier to service, and designed to keep more grass and water out of the spindle. The new spindle is designed to be service-free, with sealed heavy-duty ball-bearings, so less maintenance is required. The spindle is capped at the top to keep water and debris out of the spindle, and the cavity comes pre-filled with grease to absorb any water that does make it's way in.

The blades have also been changed to a friction-fit to reduce damage to the spindle if the operator accidentally mows over a rock, log, or other obstruction.

Another advantage of the new spindle is that it adjusts the height of the deck belt, better aligning it for increased belt life.

New Sub-Model!

2012 also brings a new sub-model. Introducing the JAZee Pro DLX:

The JAZee Pro DLX is a 60" JAZee Pro, with the deluxe seat from the Charger, and a Kohler Command Pro engine (instead of the Kohler Courage) with a dual-element industrial air filter. The DLX stands for Deluxe, get most of the deluxe, commercial features you need, at a more affordable price!

We also had a little fun at the Dealer meeting. Here we're navigating an obstacle course that was one of the events at the meeting:

Other things on the schedule at the dealer meeting were: briefings on the new features, updates on the available financing plans, service school (updates on known issues and refresher courses on working on Country Clipper mowers),  and a dealer roundtable (where we get to talk to other Country Clipper dealers from around the country to share ideas, learn "best practices", and hear about any recurring issues that may come up with the mowers (So we can watch for them, and so the factory knows about them and can correct them - You'll be happy to know that very few problems come up).

Also, the president of Shivvers (the parent company of Country Clipper) was at the meeting. He said that Country Clipper is dedicated to keep inventing new features that our customers need - before they know they need them. (Such as the stand-up deck, and single-hand joystick.) He also wanted to reassure us that Shivvers and Country Clipper are dedicated to staying family owned and operated, and maintaining  family owned and operated dealers that know their areas and their customers.

Tillage Tools

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