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Monthly Newsletter - October 2010

October 2010

First I want to apologize for the lack of a September newsletter. As I mentioned in the August newsletter, grain drying season came early in Michigan, and we were kept quite busy doing dryer service work. Also, there wasn't much to report on the lawn mowing front.

One Last Mowing

    It's getting cold out, and lawn mowing season is almost over. Before you put away your mower, ensure that the lawn is cut to the height you usually mow at before it snows. Some people are of the opinion that you should let the grass grow a little longer at the end of the season so the plant is healthier and can withstand the cold better. You shouldn't do this, and here's why.
    If the grass is left long then covered with snow, this traps moisture in the grass, and can lead to snow mold, which can leave brown spots in the lawn in the spring. You can try treating this by mowing the grass and then fertilizing. If this doesn't work, the grass will need to be raked out, then re-planted.

New in 2011 for Country Clipper

New gas capGas tank VentWe recently attended our regions Country Clipper Dealer meeting and service school, and the GIE Expo where we got to see what new changes are upcoming for Country Clipper in 2011. Please note that some of these changes will be implemented on all 2011 models, and some are rolling changes, that will be implemented gradually.

New EPA regulations that will affect the entire industry go into effect next year. The most visible part of this are some changes to the gas tanks.

Folding Roll-Over Protection SystemWranglerAnother new change coming for the 2011 models is driven by a new OPEI standard requiring roll-bars for equipment weighing over 800 pounds. This means that the 2011 Charger and BOSS models will come with folding ROPS (Roll-over Protection System) bars as standard equipment.

A round-up of other minor changes before we get to the big news: The detachable discharge chute has been updated to a fold-up discharge chute. The Charger seat has been replaced with an upgraded model. The articulating front bearing (on the JaZee Pro, Charger, and Boss) got a minor re-design to ensure longer life. The brake will be re-located from the side to the front on all models. The BOSS is getting a new deck spindle (that will eventually be used in all models.)

The biggest news for 2011 is that the JaZee One will be phased out, and a new model will be introduced.

Introducing the Wrangler from Country Clipper

The Wrangler will be replacing the JaZee One as Country Clipper's entry level zero-turn mower. The Wrangler features a frame and wishbone front end similar to the other models in the Country Clipper line. The Wrangler has a 41", 2 blade deck with a large cavity  and baffle to power through leaves and tall grass without clogging. It also has an 18 HP Kohler Courage single cylinder engine.
The Wrangler is a substantial improvement on the JaZee One, and it still costs about the same about.

Please note that the Wrangler is still undergoing testing, and when it ships the specifications may be different than listed here. Currently, the Wrangler is estimated to be available around June or July of 2011. When it is available to order we will have all the details posted at

The number of accessories for Country Clipper mowers also increased with the new Concord snow blower. The Concord blower is a 2-stage blower, available in either 48" or 60" widths, and will mount on either the JaZee Pro, or the Charger. One of the nicest features of the blower is the electric joystick control used to raise and lower the blower, and angle the chute.

Check it out here:

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