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Shivvers Performance System

The Shivvers Performance System with the CompuDry Command Center is engineered for high performance and around the clock reliability. This means that you can harvest over 100,000 bushels per week with "no babysitting" the dryer. Shivvers is so sure of our system that we will certify your capacities in writing!

How does a Shivvers Performance System work?

No Babysitting - Saves You Time

Anyone can say their dryer requires "No Babysitting", but to really understand the tern, we first have to establish what "No Babysitting" means to farmers.

Shivvers defines "No Babysitting" as precision control and automation with computerized accuracy. It means having enough surge capacity for the dryer to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means Shivvers owners can concentrate their efforts on harvesting and be secure in the knowledge that their CompuDry Command Center is controlling every aspect of their grain drying and moving operation.


High Efficiency - Saves You Money

The Shivvers Performance System offers you peak drying efficiency with minimum fuel consumption. The Performance System only uses the fuel and electricity needed and won't over-dry your grain. With fuel rates going up and up, why use more fuel than necessary to dry your grain?

A higher test weight is one of the many benefits of the Shivvers Grain Drying System that can help you make money. A Shivvers Performance System has a long retention time, the amount of time the grain is in the dryer and exposed to the heated air. This assures you a higher test weight, and a higher test weight equals more weight per bushel, resulting in more grain to sell.


Performance in Writing

Shivvers builds quality products that are engineered to work individually, but the Shivvers Performance System combines the advantages of these individual components for peak performance. By building all the components, testing them together and installing them per Shivvers requirements, we know how the equipment will perform and what it is capable of doing. Shivvers will certify that the System you purchase will perform at the published capacities or we will do what it takes to make it perform. it is that simple.

When you purchase a Shivvers Performance System, you will have a Shivvers Factory Representative visit your Performance System site and pre-check your system to ensure proper installation. Once your system has been approved, you will receive a full operation manual with a Certification of Drying Capacity stating the capacity you will receive with your Shivvers Performance writing.


Drying Capacities

        bushels per day**

24' 27' 30' 33' 36' 42' 48'
1 - 13 HP Blue Flame 5,100 5,600 6,000        
1 - 13 HP Blue Flame w/ Turbo Booster 6,600 7,300 7,700 8,100      
2 - 13 HP Blue Flames NA* 8,100 9,000 9,900 10,700 11,800 12,600
2 - 13 HP Blue Flames w/ Turbo Boosters 9,300 10,700 11,900 13,000 13,900 15,400 16,400
3 - 13 HP Blue Flames w/ Turbo Boosters NA* NA* NA* NA* 17,500 20,200 22,200
SURGE CAPACITY 5,800 7,400 9,000 11,000 13,100 17,800 23,200

* NA = Not Advised

** Bushels per day figured at 6 ft. depth, 200 F Plenum and removing 7% moisture. Numbers have been rounded to the nearest hundred.

Think Outside the Box... Dryer

A 42 foot diameter bin can hold approximately 1000 bushels of grain per one foot of depth equaling approximately a semi-load of grain. The main drying zone or depth in a Shivvers Circu-Lator bin is approximately 14 inches with a surge capacity maximum of 16 foot.

Think about it, 16 semi-loads of surge capacity, now that is a lot of capacity.

Weigh your options and compare the surge capacity of the competitors dryer... why would you consider and out-of-bin dryer? If you had the trucks needed to supply wet grain surge for a cross-flow dryer, the amount required would equal the length of THREE football fields.

Simply put, to match the type of surge capacity that Shivvers offers, you would need an additional wet holding tank with a 16,000 bushel capacity.


High Efficiency Drying for all Grains

The Shivvers System has a deeper depth drying zone, unlike portable continuous flow dryers that have narrow 12" - 14" drying columns. Shivvers deeper zone allows efficient drying at all temperatures.

Narrow column dryers exhaust unsaturated (unused) drying air when used at temperatures below 180 F, rapidly losing drying capacity at the lower 90 - 160 F, most commonly used with specialty grains such as white corn, grass seeds and high oil corn. This same Performance System has the versatility to rapidly dry yellow field corn at 200 F with high efficiency.

Highest Precision Moisture Control

The CompuDry Command Center accurately controls the grain moisture content, regardless of input moisture with computerized accuracy. The compute also has exclusive plenum control, reducing or increasing the plenum temperature as necessary to prevent over-drying.