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Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower

How to Lift the Deck on Country Clipper Mowers

Watch the video, or follow the instructions below.

  1. Remove the deck height adjustment pin, and lower the deck all the way down.
  2. Replace the deck height adjustment pin to lock the deck.
  3. Release the tension on the deck belt by lifting the tension lever.

    Continue to move the tension lever all the way over.
  4. Drop the deck belt off from the motor pulley at the rear of the mower.
  5. Lift the locking lever that holds the QRS lever in place.
  6. Lift the QRS lever all the way up until it locks into place.
  7. Go to the front of the mower, and ensure that the caster wheels are facing forward.
  8. Grab the bolt above the center anti-scalp roller and lift straight up.
  9. The deck will lift up to 90 and stay there, allowing access to clean the deck or perform maintenance.
  10. Reverse the steps above to lower the deck